My editor, Rose, shoots me an email saying the edited manuscript is in the mail.


Eek! She also forwarded me her editorial letter summarizing changes so that I can “simmer on it”. This is a great phrase. While I’ve prepared myself for this (and by prepared, I mean I repeatedly chanted “be open to change, the editor knows best, fight for what you believe in”), it’s going to hurt like hell.

When you write a story, you pour yourself into it. So not only do those characters become part of you, you become part of them. Whether you express it through prose or personality traits of your main character, every author reveals themselves through their writing. When someone comes in to critique that, it’s hard to handle.

Reading through the editorial letter, I can say that it’s not going to be easy to address all the issues. But nothing great is ever easy, right? I agree with all the changes, even if it took a couple of paragraphs of explanation to sway me. I agree that they will make the story more streamlined, better. I agree that Rose knows best.

I’m lucky to have an editor that is passionate about this story. Us, working as a tag team, will make it the best it can be. Then, it’s all up to the readers. Write on.

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  1. Good Morning, Ms. Vining. I read your wonderful post on one of the ABNA boards, and I’m so HAPPY for you (I’ve decided to follow your blog to watch your success evolve and grow—which I know it will. I can’t wait to buy Beautiful Addictions when it comes out)! You’ve truly got something special, and I wish you the best. I would love to know precisely what suggestions Rose made about your manuscript, but I’m sure it’s confidential. Maybe one day, I’ll get the same sense of dread/thrill that came for you, LOL. Anyway, congratulations on your marvelous achievement :):)

  2. You know it!!
    Also be sure to keep your original works in a safe place, remember when we loved learning about the changes made to the Twilight novels before it was published?
    Well you can have your own things…..”this almost happened”

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