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First Solo Book Signing

The store

Two weeks ago, I was honored to hold my first solo book signing event for Beautiful Addictions! It took place at Barnes & Noble Citiplace in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (my hometown). During the days leading up to the signing, I was distracted by attending the Romance Writers of America convention in San Antonio, TX. Overwhelmed by the people, education, networking, and socializing during the conference, I had little time to worry about the signing. Somehow, worries crept into my subconscious and I dreamed that no one showed up except a mariachi band and two guys dressed as Thor. I blame you, San Antonio, and late night television.

On Sunday, June 27th at 3 PM. I sat at a small table near the front of the store to begin the signing. By this point, so many people had lined up, that they were blocking the store’s entrance. So, the lovely folks at B&N moved me to a larger area and set up some chairs. When I finally was situated to start signing, I was overwhelmed with the number of people lined up to have their books signed.

My view from the front of the line!
My view from the front of the line!

Courtney, from B&N, and my bestie, April, helped keep me signing and moving the line along. They were experts at keeping things organized.

A view from upstairs.
A view from upstairs.

So many people came, that we sold out of books. (Sorry to those who didn’t get one.) The day was amazing and I was completely overwhelmed by the folks who came to show their love and support. After an hour and a half of signing, the line had cleared. Courtney initiated a short Q&A session where we answered very serious questions, like “Is Tristan single?” (Thanks, Mom.) And then, we were done.

What a great way to celebrate a book that I’m so very proud of. When all was said and done, I signed over 90 books. Then, I did some hand stretches, exhaled, and walked next door for a sangria margarita. Thanks to everyone who made that day so special!

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Vote for Tristan

Tristan Fallbrook, the sexy bad boy genius hero of Beautiful Addictions, has been nominated as a finalist in the New Adult Crush Tournament. If Tristan is a book boyfriend crush of yours, please go vote for him today.

“The character of Tristan is amazingly complex, the bad-boy with the genius IQ, inked and infinitely intriguing. Cover those tats with an Armani suit, groom him to GQ perfection, and he would still radiate raw appeal.”



“I want you. All of you. I want to possess you. I want to love you and protect you.”


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Party Time!

Since there was so much to celebrate last week
(a book birthday and an anniversary of my 29th birthday),
I decided to go B-I-G!


I enlisted the help of family and friends to create decor and imagine a festive party environment. There was great food, drinks, and company as everyone gathered to cheer me on. What a great journey it’s been so far. I can’t wait to see where I’ll go from here, especially knowing that I have the love and support of so many people.


I had people sign up for door prizes and throughout the night, gave away three gifts. Cheryl won a Starbucks gift card. Brandi won a Beautiful Addictions t-shirt. The grand prize was a t-shirt, signed print ARC, and a $50 gift card to Amazon. It was won by the lovely Nicole, who squeed in delight. Squee is a word, right?


Some of the themes in Beautiful Addictions are dark, but none of them are as close to my heart as homelessness. Therefore, I put out a box asking for donations for Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless. My generous party guests donated a total of $50 to this charity, which I’m going to match and deliver to CAAH. Thanks, guys!

A dry erase board was provided so that guests could declare their own Beautiful Addictions!

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A great time was had by everyone, and by the end of the night I felt truly overwhelmed by all the love. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who was there in spirit. Write on!

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Beautiful Addictions has arrived!


This story started its journey three years ago. From one scene, to a list of characters, to many pre-readers and even more revisions, one contest, two connections, and a title change, Beautiful Addictions has seen some action.

When I learned that it takes a year to go from accepted manuscript to a book on the shelves, I was surprised. I also thought, “How on earth am I going to wait a whole year?” So, you can imagine my excitement when St. Martin’s came to me with the idea to release the e-book first, and the day before my birthday! My response? Hells yeah!

So, the day has finally arrived. Beautiful Addictions is now out in the (digital) world. It’s my first novel, a piece of my heart, a cast of voices living in my head, and something I’m absolutely proud to call my own.

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The countdown has begun. Today marks ONE MONTH until the digital release of my debut novel, BEAUTIFUL ADDICTIONS. I can’t put into words how excited and terrified I am. I know what you’re thinking. I’m a writer. I should be able to put anything into words. Well, okay. I’ll try.

The ebook will be released by St. Martin’s Griffin on January 28, 2014. This is three years from the day that I started a rough outline (really just a list of characters and their purpose) for this story. It still blows me away how this story formed, and with the help of pre-readers and so many kind folks, evolved into the tale it is now. I cannot honestly tell you how many versions there are of this story. I have no idea how many words were cut or rewritten. As a new writer, I didn’t have the foresight to save each version. Instead, I deleted sentences without a second thought. Those words are gone forever, each of them chipped off and carved away to leave the very best story I could write.

I grew so much during that time and even more so during the publication process. The thing about this career is you never stop learning. You can always practice and improve. I strive to do that as much as possible.

No matter how ready I think I am, I know nothing can prepare me for the moment BEAUTIFUL ADDICTIONS is put out into the world. I imagine ten thousand pairs of eyes on me, all at once, waiting for me to say something clever and dissecting every move. Instead, I’ll keep my mouth closed and hand over this book–this very personal part of me, this voice inside my head. Imagine yourself naked in front of supermodels in florescent lighting after a day of binge drinking. That’s the thrilling, sick feeling that I fear may plague me for the rest of my career.

So, with a month to go, I’m going to dig in and work my ass off. I’ll guest blog, do interviews, promote giveaways and tell my story to anyone who wants to hear it. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing from me. Because no matter what happens, I am proud of this novel. If it does well, I’ll have earned it. If not, I’ll have earned that too. Write on!