Delivered and Accepted

It was silly of me to fear revisions. With a detailed list of changes, additions and subtractions, it almost felt like one of those dreaded word problems on the SAT’s. If Character A leaves at 4 p.m. on a train headed toward New Orleans and Character B drives his 1967 Impala to the 7-11 for some cigarettes and a frozen burrito, how many freckles does Zac Efron have? As it turns out, making the changes were very easy. Most of the edits fell in place naturally and made the story tighter (industry term for deleting unnecessary bits). I finished the changes in just a few days, read over the manuscript one last time and sent it back to Rose (my editor @ St. Martin’s Press).

She was thrilled with the changes and said, “Consider Beautiful Addictions delivered and accepted.” Well, that sounds all official, doesn’t it? Basically, this means that I’m done with the text of this book except for the copy edits–grammar, punctuation, spelling. I can’t wait to be shown the error of my grammatical ways.

Everything is happening so quickly, I feel like I’m on the fast track to publishing. So what now? I sit on my couch watching reruns of Supernatural and wait until next Spring when the book will be released? Of course not. There’s another book to write, people!

Good news! I finished the first draft of Book 2 (which is still untitled). I didn’t like the end. So I rewrote that and now, I’m much happier. Still a long way from the finish line, but I feel like I’m right on target with my time goals. Here’s a sneak peek at the setting for Book 2:


Yeah, that’s all you get for now. I might be a tease, but I’m not easy…