Where do I start?

So much has happened since my last update. In no particular order:

1. The final contract is done
Yes, even after all the verbal contract negotiations, things are not set in stone. When the contract came in from St. Martin’s, my agent read through it and had their contract lawyer read through it. They made a few changes and sent it back. One more round of revisions and then the final draft was delivered. Print, sign, and done. I’ve had my fill of jargon and clauses. It feels really great to have this done. All the legal talk is out of the way and I’m free and clear to be creative.

2. Audible deal is signed
Beautiful Addictions will be available in audio format from Audible! I’m not sure if I’ll have any input on the narrator or the process, but this is super exciting! I can’t wait to hear these characters come to life.

3. Beautiful Addictions has been added to Goodreads
For some reason, this made it really official for me. My book is on Goodreads, along with a nice description and release dates. Go take a look HERE and if you’re so inclined, add it to your To Read list.

4. The cover art is finalized
As with any artistic process, there were a couple of versions of the cover. I’m lucky to have such a great editor. Rose listened to my feedback and let me help with the process. I’m sure it got to the point of annoyance, but she and the artist were great sports. Once a graphic designer, always a graphic designer. I can’t share it with you guys yet, but very soon…

5. The eBook is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks
Did you read what I typed? My book is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iBooks! Whoa. Let’s take a minute and let that sink in. This came along with news from St. Martin’s that they want to try a different approach releasing my book. They are going to release the eBook first (January 28) and the print book later (July 1). That means only FOUR more months until Beautiful Addictions will be out in the world.

6. Revisions on untitled Book 2 have begun
I’m having a lot of fun doing revisions on this book. I’m developing characters, killing my darlings, researching and living inside that world for a few hours at a time.

7. I have an official author page on Amazon
There’s not much HERE so far. A small bio and a few links represent my small piece of Amazon’s author space.

It’s a combination of all these things–some big, some small–that make this dream edge closer and closer to reality. Thanks for coming along with me. Write on!