When words aren’t enough

krispy_wideweb__470x376,0This past week has been one of the craziest and most surreal experiences of my life. Having a book out in the world that people can read, love, hate, debate, praise, rip apart, and analyze feels like standing naked beneath florescent lighting holding a box of cheap wine and Krispy Kremes and asking people to judge me. It was terrifying and completely liberating.

There are certain things that happen when–and only when–you publish a book. These things are mostly positive and can make a normal person feel like the center of the universe. People that you haven’t seen or spoken to in years come out of the woodwork to wish you well. Complete strangers spend their hard earned money to acquire something you wrote. This alone is enough to make any person’s head spin. Your friends and family become your biggest cheerleaders, the best salespeople, and aren’t afraid to tell anyone about your book. Your grandparents think you have instantly reached the J. K. Rowling level of fame and your nepjkhews want to be cast in the movie version. In general, everyone you meet is super impressed with your accomplishment and genuinely happy for your success.

So, how do you thank all these people? How do you express your most sincere appreciation? Here’s the rotten, terrible, awful part. You can’t. It’s impossible. Even if I could afford a billboard in Times Square, or a commercial during the Super Bowl, I could not reach everyone who has brought joy, love, and support to my life.

All I have are my words. They are humble and not nearly enough. They fall short, but are completely necessary. So, here they are.

Thank you.