Book Birthday!

Happy Book Birthday to Me! Beautiful Addictions is finally here!

Beautiful Addictions

Beautiful Addictions is now available in stores. Let’s sit and marinate in that statement for a moment. As of today, you can go into a bookstore (and Target stores in July–SQUEE!) and find my book on the shelf. You can hold it and flip through pages and stick your nose between the pages to inhale that intoxicating scent of ink and paper. No? Is that just me? Having already gotten my hands on it, I can tell you that it’s a gorgeous book. The matte paper and lovely cover art make my designer side happy and all the words inside make my writer side happy.

For those of of you who have loved and supported me through this process, today is the best day to say thank you. Thanks for sharing Facebook posts and retweeting tweets. Thanks for entering giveaways, wearing Beautiful Addictions t-shirts, blogging, reviewing, pimping, and telling your friends about my book. I appreciate everything you give and know that I can never give enough back. Without a support system like I have, I doubt I’d be able to continue my publishing journey.

So, today we dance in the aisles of bookstores. We take selfies with Beautiful Addictions wearing big goofy grins. We hold 275 pages between our fingers and know that it took a village to get this done.

If you are still celebrating this evening, come on over to my VIRTUAL BOOK RELEASE PARTY on Facebook. It’s from 7-10 PM Eastern time. There will be lots of fun and some party favors too!