Publishers Weekly Review

Slaves to the Moon

Josie Banks is the epitome of a girl with a past. Stricken with amnesia, she can’t remember anything that happened before her father’s untimely death, and the life she’s been living ever since is far from one to be envied as it’s been filled with drugs, random sex, and lots of graffiti.

Tristan Fallbrook is a former hit man turned bartender who possesses the ability to remember everything he learns and experiences indefinitely. The one memory that continues to haunt him, though, is that of his lost first love, McKenzi DeLaune. For years, he believed that she died at age 14 after abruptly moving from their hometown of Gretna, Louisiana, to New York City.

But then in a seedy little bar in San Diego called The Darkroom, he meets Josie, a girl drawn to him for reasons she doesn’t quite understand, and he realizes that his first love is still very much alive. Still, their unexpected reunion is fraught with uncertainty. Josie can’t move past the fact that she’s no longer the innocent girl Tristan once loved. And to make matters worse, now that they’ve finally reconnected, mob boss Dean Moloney’s vendetta against them might just tear them apart for good.

This is a well written story seen through the eyes of a number of interesting and interconnected characters. The prose is solid and constructed in such a way that the reader will find this book hard to put down.