Where do you read?

In the new year, I have done nothing but make lists. Lists of books I want to write, experiences I want to have, projects I want to finish, etc. One of the big things on my list is creating a completely “ME” reading nook. There are a couple of spots in my home I can make this happen and I’m here to DREAM BIG, so come along!

Where do you read? Is it in bed? Or maybe on the sofa while your favorite show plays nonstop on Netflix? In the closet to hide from the kids? In your car at stop signs? (I don’t suggest that at all.)

Here is the inspiration for my future reading nook:


I want cozy. That is the defining word here. CO-ZEE! I love the feel of these spaces, the eclectic furniture and fun accessories. I’m definitely taking some cues from these spaces.



The only thing to say here is COMFORT. While I love aesthetics, curling up on something so soft it feels like a hug, is priceless. I want pillows and blankets and maybe snacks hidden in the cushions. HA!



The best part of a reading nook are the BOOKS! So, while I’d be happy surrounded by messy stacks, having a creative and fun place to hold your most valuable possessions is nice. I may have to break out the power tools and see what I can come up with on my own!



I love natural lighting. Having the sun warm you and highlight the pages of your book is a fantastic way to pass the day. But I also love picking out lighting. Pendant lights are my fav and offer so much variety, I can’t ever just choose one. Here are a couple I like and a link to a whole site full of them. Go take a peek. Which one would give you the best reading nook light?

And check out more HERE!


This may be a bigger task than I originally planned, but I can’t wait to get started and enjoy my kid-free, dog-free, sound-proof, comfy, cozy, well-lit reading nook!