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Vote for Tristan

Tristan Fallbrook, the sexy bad boy genius hero of Beautiful Addictions, has been nominated as a finalist in the New Adult Crush Tournament. If Tristan is a book boyfriend crush of yours, please go vote for him today.

“The character of Tristan is amazingly complex, the bad-boy with the genius IQ, inked and infinitely intriguing. Cover those tats with an Armani suit, groom him to GQ perfection, and he would still radiate raw appeal.”



“I want you. All of you. I want to possess you. I want to love you and protect you.”


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Ask me anything!

ask-me-anythingThis weekend the New Adult Book Club is hosting a Q&A for me and my debut novel, Beautiful Addictions. Have questions about Tristan’s brain or Alex’s future? Want to know more about Josie’s art or Monica’s love of faux accessories? Maybe you want to ask about my writing space, my work in progress, or my corgi, Chap?

Come on over and ask away. I’ll answer anything (within reason). Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Just follow the link below and hit me up.