I don’t write horror, but this is scary

Things are moving along just fine on my end. I’m writing and researching like a mad woman. I check in on the publishing contract and am hit with something I wasn’t prepared for. They need firm dates that book 2 and book 3 will be turned in to the publisher.



So, after a slight freak out that includes calendars, red ink and counting on my fingers, I calm down and reply. Nothing like a flashing neon date to say “You better get this done!” While I do feel the pressure of these dates, I will not fear them. A deadline is encouragement, a firm push in the right direction and sometimes a wake up call to your purpose.

I have stories in me. I have characters and plots, subplots and villains, trapped in my head. Now, I’ve just got to expel them onto the keyboard in some sort of chaotic order and voilà! Write on!